Link Drive and Queensway, Hatfield: Consultation

By | 17th October 2021

Hertfordshire County Council are consulting on whether the bollards on Link Drive and Queensway in Hatfield should be retained. Please do let HCC have your views on this by clicking this link. Please ask for better alternatives for walking and cycling, if you are not happy with what has been done so far. There’s a box where you can add limited comments.

Bollards on Link Drive Hatfield.
The bollards on Link Drive Hatfield, shortly after they were first installed

You might also want to read our blog about these works from when the bollards were originally installed. Of the two sets of bollards, WelHatCycling think the Link Drive set should be kept as this helps create a quiet road which people on cycles can use to and from Onslow School and Breaks Manor Youth Club. That also helps link the Woods Ave cycle path to the town centre via the Market Place crossing.

The bollards on Queensway are much less effective as the cycle lanes on this section link into horrible roundabouts at both ends, where no works have been done other than repainting lines. Queensway needs a complete rethink for it to work for cycling, not least as the main cycle route from the station to the University campuses. We know this is part of the Hatfield 2030+ plan (see the Transport strategy pages 106 and 112) but that’s an awfully long time away. We’d like to see action sooner.

You can find out more about what we’d like to see in Hatfield in our Space for Cycling plan.

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