Hatfield Link Drive – open for cycling, closed to cars

By | 22nd November 2020

Hertfordshire County Council have blocked Link Drive, Hatfield, to cars, creating a much nicer road for cycling. This is also a plus for Onslow St Audrey’s School which will see less traffic past their front gate. The change has proven controversial as can be seen in this report from the Welwyn Hatfield Times.

Link Drive in Hatfield showing bollards placed accross the road under the pedestrian bridge to prevent use by cars, but keeping the road open for cycling.
Link Drive closed to cars. The car shown is illegally parked on a double yellow line.

In addition a section of the southbound Queensway cycle lane has been bollarded, which helps keep cars off the cycle lane. The northbound lane cannot be bollarded because of the bus stop and entry into ASDA, which would have cost too much to modify, which is a shame as that’s the more dangerous side of the road. The works also do nothing to improve the roundabouts on Queensway which we have been campagaining to see removed for years. There are plans being worked on for traffic light controlled junctions instead, but no sign of any works any time soon.

Queensway southbound side showing new bollards. Shame about the leaves!

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