General Data Protection Regulation (2018)

As per the Data Protection GDPR legislation from 25th May 2018, we are obliged to state our policy for how we handle your data.


WelHatCycling (WHC) maintains a list of email addresses to which it sends the monthly news email and occasional other emails.  This is never passed on to third parties. We retain this list in a password protected environment. When anyone requests they be deleted from the list, this is done immediately.


Events and rides

All ride and event participants are required to sign in for insurance reasons and to ensure we have an emergency contact in the very unlikely event of any accident.  This information includes the participants name, address, emergency contact phone number, age (if under 18), membership of WelHatCycling and/or membership of Cycling UK and signature, agreeing to abide by the conditions for the ride.  This membership information is required to ensure we comply with our Cycling UK affiliated group insurance. This information is held on paper only and kept for four years to ensure we have a record in the event of any late claims against us.



In order to comply with Cycling UK affiliated group insurance conditions we encourage people regularly riding with us to join as members.  The information held is the participants name, address, contact phone number and email address.  The email address is added to the email list (see above).  Membership forms are held on paper only and kept for a minimum of four years to ensure we have evidence of membership in the event of any late claims against us.  Membership forms will be regularly cross checked against ride lists and any other participation lists and destroyed four years after the individual concerned last participated in one of our activities. 


Data Controllers on behalf of WHC

Adam Edwards

Roger Moulding

Created 20th May 2018.