A602 at Sacombe: New cycle path avoiding a main road crossing

By | 28th September 2023

This is off our normal patch, but as the Chair of WelHatCycling helped get this route built and as it’s a very useful link to quiet lanes north of Hertford, we are including it here.

Cycling north from Hertford there is a nice quiet route from Benjeo along Sacombe Road. This road used to end at a nasty blind summit crossing of the A602, a 60mph very busy road from Stevenage to Ware. Following some successful objection to poor previous plans, Hertfordshire County redesigned the route into a segregated cycle path which uses the new river bridge as an underpass. So you can now cycle from Sacombe Road to Sacombe Pound and avoid the A602 completely. This excerpt from Open Street Map shows the new route highlighted in blue. Hertford is to the south, Watton at Stone to the west of roundabout.

Map of the new Sacombe cycle route from OPen Street map
Map of the Sacombe cycle path

None of this would have happened without the excellent work by the late Jon Crosby, formerly of Cycling UK’s South Herts Cyclists. So if you use this new route, think of Jon as you do so. The photos shows riders on the new path on the opening day, 26th September 2023, and the route on the north side of the road bridge which is used as the underpass for the cycle route.

Poeple on cycle using the new off road cycle path at Sacombe shoing the curving path screened from the road by trees.
Sacombe cycle path curving round the side of the new A602 to pass under the river bridge
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About Adam Edwards

Adam Edwards is the current chair of WelHatCycling. As a parent of two what matters most to him is utility cycling: getting to school, work, the shops, etc. He is particularly keen on group rides which involve cake. With his youngest child, he's ridden all the way from Hatfield to Edinburgh on a tandem.

2 thoughts on “A602 at Sacombe: New cycle path avoiding a main road crossing

  1. Mark Whittle

    It is described as a nice quiet route. It must have been expensive to complete.
    In comparison to change the footpath running beside the A1000 between Old Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City to a designated combined footpath and cycleway would have been a relatively cheap and more useful amenity for the Welwyn area. I think priorities are confused.

    1. david_d

      Hi Mark, we very much recognise the value of upgrading the A1000 footpath and continue to advocate for this. The stretch to the east of the A1(M) indeed looks relatively easy to uplift to dual use; the underpass under the slip-road and the stretch underneath the A1(M) is not quite so straightforward but there must be a way forward.


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