Cycling improvements, Digswell Park Road

By | 26th September 2020

Digswell Park Road (to the North of Welwyn Garden City) is a lovely road for walking/cycling, spoilt only by motor traffic using it as a short cut rather than using the A1000 and Hertford Road. Thanks to some shiny new bollards, this through-traffic has been stopped – great news! In addition cyclists and pedestrians exiting Digswell Park Road onto the A1000 and wanting to access the dual-use path on the far side will have an easier and safer crossing due to installation of short lengths of access paths (done) and a central island (should be coming soon). The official description is:
“The scheme – which is being funded by the Department of Transport’s Emergency Active Travel Fund – will also benefit the Centenary Walk route and provide a safer walking and cycling route for school children travelling between Digswell and WGC”.

This modification was flagged on WidenMyPath – so keep adding suggestions and supporting existing ones!

4 thoughts on “Cycling improvements, Digswell Park Road

  1. Mark Whittle

    Thanks for the notification and the link to WidenMyPath. Thats a new site for me. Does anyone in Codicote know about it? In fact is Codicote on your radar?

    1. Adam Edwards

      Codicote is on our radar like anywhere else in WelHat. We’ve been pushing Widen my Path in our news to members. Please let us know if you’d like to go on the mailing list.

      1. Mark Whittle

        Thanks for replying. It is not obvious that the term WelHat includes Codicote. Codicote comes under NHDC. I have not been able to find any pro cycle group referenced by NHDC. Nor WidenMyPath. I will ask around my local cycle friends and tell them about WidenMyPath and WelHat.

  2. Adam Edwards

    Thank you for this.
    Roll on the safe cycle route from Monks Walk School to Welwyn and Oaklands.
    Do please vote these up on Widen my Path.


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