General Election 2017 – Anawar Miah (Labour) response

By | 1st June 2017
1. What experience do you and your family have of cycling? Do you have different concerns with younger or older family members cycling, than you would for yourself?
I have 4 children and they cycle. I used to go to school on a bike in my younger years. It was a ‘Raleigh Chopper’ with the different sized wheels. (Yes I am that old). When the weather permits, my youngest son rides his bike to The Ryde School and naturally as with all parents this creates safety concerns.
2. What challenges do people face in Welwyn Hatfield that prevent them from cycling, especially children and those using cycling as a mobility aid, and how will you address them?
The quality of our local roads need to be attended to more regularly than they presently are as they can create safety issues. If I was to have the honour and privilege of representing my fellow residents then I would push for any safety related concerns to be addressed. Safety and accident prevention must be a priority.
3. Which junctions need to be improved to increase safety for people cycling, and what can be done to fix them?
We have a relatively busy constituency especially during the school run hours and I would want to ensure that junctions likely to be used by school children or where residents have flagged up concerns are prioritised for improvement.
4. Do you support the completion of the Hatfield Station to Business Park cycle route and if yes, how will you ensure the missing section from The Commons to French Horn Lane is rapidly constructed?
Our new Hatfield Station is well designed to accommodate cycles and the completion of the cycle route linking the Business Park should be supported. I would work with stakeholders and do whatever possible to encourage swift completion.
5. With road changes planned for Welwyn Garden City, how will you ensure that cycle access is improved into the Town Centre ?
This would require input from regular cyclists to suggest what they would like to see improved as they know better than those who cycle much less. Those recommendations should be voiced sufficiently and followed up for adequate consideration.
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