Cycling and walking plan for Welwyn Hatfield consultation, Ayot Greenway, Hunters Bridge, Wheat Quarter cycle hub and Birchall Garden Suburb – our latest news

By | 10th July 2022

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan for Welwyn Hatfield

The Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, produced by consultants for Welwyn Hatfield and Hertordshire councils, is now out for consultation until 22nd August 2022. You can find a copy of the plan and the consultation map on the Hertfordshire county web site. This is the first detailed plan for cycling and walking in our towns since 2008. It includes a priority list of projects which will need funding. Just because a route is shown, that doesn’t mean there is any money for the project yet. We are very pleased that WelHatCycling was included in the two consultation stages which led up to this report.

The images below show some of the new priority routes for Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield. (Note that the colours in the images below are simply to highlight the different projects listed in the report.) You can see a much higher quality detailed map of the plans for where you live on the consultation page. This includes the plans for safer junctions and road crossings for walkers as well as people on wheels on existing cycle routes. This is why some exisitng routes are shown as they are not built to modern standards, not least sections where walkers and people on wheels have to mix.

Map showing priority cycle routes in Welwyn Garden City
Planned routes for WGC
Map showing priority cycle routes in Hatfield
Planned routes for Hatfield

Please do respond to this council consultation. Please also write to your county councillors as they will need to find the funding or ask the Department for Transport. They need know your vote depends on it.

Ayot Greenway resurfacing

It’s very good to see that much of the Ayot Greenway has had a greenspaces make over, with the vegetation cleared and a nice new surface, albeit only as far west as Robinson’s Wood (the missing bit is owned by Tarmac, who we would hope should be able to do their bit to the same standard, afterall they are a road surfacing company!). The whole section through Sherrardspark Wood has been done. So do take the kids for a ride as it’s super smooth and mud free. You can see how good this is in the photo.

The Ayot Greenway near Wheathampstead showing the new gravel surface.
Ayot Greenway new surface

Hunters Bridge cycle way, WGC

The Department for Transport has funded works to install a two way cycle path on the south (in to WGC) side of the road which will connect the Broadwater road cycle path with the light controlled crossing over Osbourn Way enabling people on wheels to get right into the town centre by the Bebo cafe. The plan below shows the detail at the roundabout, the crucial section missing from the current trial bollarded cycle lane. The trial bollards will be removed from the north side of the bridge and the two lanes eastbound restored. This should all be done in 2023.

Hunters Bridge cycle path at Osborn Way

Wheat Quarter cycling hub

WelHatCycling had a useful meeting with the Wheat Quarter developers specifically about the plan for a cycling hub at the new square on the east side of WGC station. This feature would be good news for people on cycles as the plan includes a cafe, safe cycle parking, lockers and showers. They also hope to see a hiring dock for folding bicycles. The developers told us this:

The proposed Wheat Quarter Cycle Hub for Welwyn Garden City is a new initiative being promoted as part of the Wheat  Quarter development on the site of the former Shredded Wheat factory. The proposed cycle hub does not yet have planning permission but forms an integral part of the developer’s proposed measures to promote sustainable travel choices. The developer (Wheat Quarter Ltd) would welcome comments and ideas from the local cycling community.

A full description of the plans is in this document on the Welwyn Hatfield council planning site. Please let us know what you think of this idea.

Birchall Garden Suburb and cycling

Another development we are keeping track on is the planned housing to the east of WGC called Birchall Garden Suburb. This developement will have cycle paths next to all main roads (blue) plus a network of off road paths (green) linking to the Cole Green Way (yellow). The blue spine road will link the secondary and primary schools to the housing encouraging cycling rather than driving. Part of the route will be cycling and buses only. We hope these planned paths could also be extended westwards to Mill Green to create safe route off the A414. It’s 3.6 miles from the housing to Hatfield station and we’d much rather people cycled to the trains than drove cars. Please let us know what you think.

Birchall Garden suburb cycle routes in blue, yellow and green

One thought on “Cycling and walking plan for Welwyn Hatfield consultation, Ayot Greenway, Hunters Bridge, Wheat Quarter cycle hub and Birchall Garden Suburb – our latest news

  1. Mark Whittle

    Thank you for including me on your circulation list. Without your message I would not know what is happening locally that may improve our cycling routes.
    However, I first tried to find out what your proposals are for better connection of Codicote/Welwyn into WGC or Welwyn North Station. The links on your message sent me to maps which showed the A1000 in yellow, then another showed it in red. The quiet route through Knightsfield is blue on ine map and green on another. The Knightsfield route is indicated as “quiet”. I’d be surprised to find a non-quiet cycle route in this area.
    So, in summary I cannot understand what you are proposing for linking Welwyn to WGC.
    I am a member of the 40+ cycle group. We would very much like better and safer cycle routes.


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