Digswell – proposed new zebra crossing

By | 27th November 2021
Plan showing proposed zebra crossing of Hertford Road Digswell including shared use pavements for walking a cycling.
Hertford Road Digswell – proposed zebra crossing

Hertfordshire County Council are consulting on a revised plan for a new zebra crosing of Hertford Road, Digswell. The image above shows an excerpt from the plan which you can see in full on their consultation page.

The previous plan had a crossing of Hertford Road at the car park ie west of the new proposal. WelHatCycling objected as this did nothing for families on cycles to enable them to cross Hertford Road to reach New Road and thence either Welwyn North station or the bridleway to Tewin. This new plan fixes that by providing a Zebra with parallel cycle crossing, short sections of shared use pavement and a link into New Road avoiding the roundabout.

The barriers to cars which reduce the road to a single lane will be removed and replaced with speed bumps (see full plan, as there are lots of them) to ensure traffic is slowed down either side of the new crossing.

At the other end of Digswell Park Road, a light controlled crossing of Bessemer Road is planned. This and the Zebra will create a family friendly cycle route from the centre of Welwyn Garden City (and Hatfield) to Tewin or Tewinbury Farm, a useful network effect. This route will also make cycling from Digswell to Monks Walk School much safer. Useful network effects.

Please go to the consultation page and add your views.

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