Cole Green Way resurfacing updated closure dates

By | 13th March 2021

Cole Green Way resurfacing and drainage improvement works are now planned to restart on 29th March. To ensure public safety, sections of the route where work is underway will be temporarily closed. These phased closures, over a period of approximately nine weeks, will enable local people to enjoy parts of the facility while work is undertaken.

Approximate dates for these closures are as follows and are also detailed on the map below. These dates are subject to change depending on the progress of the works. Public footpaths crossing the Cole Green Way will remain open at all times.

  * St Mary’s Lane, Hertingfordbury to Hertford viaduct from 29th March     for five weeks.

  * Hertford viaduct to Hertford Town Football Club (Hertford byway 54)     from 12th April for three weeks. This closure is to enable the    improvement works to take place. There will be a further short closure to resurface this section in May, dates to be confirmed.

  * A414 to Cole Green station from 26^th April for two weeks.

  * Cole Green station to East End Green from 10^th May for three weeks.

The Cole Green Way car parks will also be temporarily closed to enable the improvement works to take place.

  * St Mary’s Lane car park from 29^th March for five weeks.

  * Cole Green station car park from 26^th April for five weeks.

This information has been sent to local stakeholders and will also be on site notices.

Map of the Cole Green Way showing the sections being resurfaced and the dates of works, as listed in the text.
Map of planned works March to May 2021

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