A414 consultation, South Way bridge, Ellenbrook crossing (January news)

By | 5th January 2019

Happy Cycling New Year!

A414 corridor strategy public consultation

We are working on comments on a Hertfordshire County Council public consultation on the A414 corridor. For Welwyn Hatfield this includes the A414 and A1057 Hatfield Road, routes across Hatfield including Comet Way (A1001) and then on east from Mill Green.  The document recognises the need for “enhanced” cycle routes, but is thin on any detail such as lighting for the Alban Way, the lack of connecting off road routes across central Hatfield and the need for a parallel cycle path west of Mill Green.   Another obvious issue is the lack of maintenance as can be seen form these photos:

Photo showing very narrow cycle path on A414
A414 cycle path: narrow and lumpy
Comet Way overgrown pedestrian side to the footway.

You can find the documents about the A414 here: https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/about-the-council/consultations/transport-and-highways/a414-corridor-summary-of-consultation.aspx Sections 7-10 cover Welwyn Hatfield.

If you have comments on this route do please let us know. If local councillors would like to come for an inspection ride, we’d be very happy to arrange this.   Email chair@welhatcycling.org.uk

South Way bridge reopen

The spiral cycling and walking bridge over South Way has reopened after a major refurbishment given cyclists a smoother ride over the expansion joints.  My thanks to Dave Hurle for the photo and permission to use them.

Spiral bridge, South Way Hatfield after refurbishment


Following concerns from local residents about cyclists passing through The Sidings estate and crossing Ellenbrook Lane we were consulted on options. We comments on the blind spots caused by the fence round the former Level Crossing keepers house which prevents car drivers seeing bikes and suggested building out the kerb to narrow Ellenbrook Lane over the corssing.  We also commented on car speeds as some drivers have been driving fast over the crossing when heading towards the dead end of the lane.  At one stage it looked like we might see more gates obstructing the cycle path but instead this has now been changes to Look both ways warnings for cyclists and additional Slow markings for drivers painted on the surfaces. Unfortunately the HCC contractors forgot to do the middle junction, which is being chased up. The new markings look like this:

Ellenbrook Lane junction on Alban Way, new markings

Facebook and Twitter

WelHatCycling are on both social media and so from time to time you will see us forward or post news to one or the other.  Do please join us:

Facebook:           welhatcycling

Twitter:                @WelHatCycling

Diary date:  Alban Way litter pick

As part of Clean Up Hatfield week we will be picking litter on the Alban Way in Hatfield on Saturday 6th April 2019.  See the events section for more information.

Join us for coffee on Wednesday 9th January 2019

Finally, over the winter we continue to meet as a group to plan for 2019 and respond to local projects and issues.  If you’d like to join use for coffee and cycling chat, you’ll normally find us at Humphreys, Campus West every second Wednesday at 7.15pm.  Do join us if you can.

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About Adam Edwards

Adam Edwards is the current chair of WelHatCycling. As a parent of two what matters most to him is utility cycling: getting to school, work, the shops, etc. He is particularly keen on group rides which involve cake. With his youngest child, he's ridden all the way from Hatfield to Edinburgh on a tandem.

2 thoughts on “A414 consultation, South Way bridge, Ellenbrook crossing (January news)

  1. Derek Chassay

    Dear Adam Edwards, Please can I draw your attention to a couple of nasty points on my daily cycle home (in darkness in winter). Opposite the front of the Galleria on the far side of the road are sloping descents to get into the (Alban Way) tunnel under the road towards Birchwood. When you enter the tunnel, you are hit by bright lighting. But on exiting (at the Galleria side of the tunnel), there is a very dark spot where your eyes cannot adjust quickly enough, hence a very dangerous northbound cycle on which you’d have no chance if pedestrians or other cyclists were coming the other way. It just needs more lighting after the tunnel exit. Please can you look into this one?
    And secondly, in the same direction, when you arrive on Lemsford Road after two sections of the Alban way, the edge has been very poorly patched, so the road is very rutted and bumpy. Due to parked cars, you face oncoming cars in your path as well as impatient drivers behind you trying to overtake, while you have to sometimes come well out into the centre of the road to avoid deep bumps. Not very nice at all!

    Many thanks for your good work!

    1. Adam Edwards

      This is my commuter route from the north end of Hatfield to St Albans each day. Please can you log these as faults on Herts direct and I will do the same. At the very least it records things as something which needs fixing. I will gladly add this to our A414 consultation feedback.

      Many thanks
      Adam Edwards


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