Beatrix Potter Way, Cycle lanes, Local Transport Plan (February news)

By | 10th February 2018

The Beatrix Potter Way

A wet ride to the QE2 today alongside the A414 on the useful cycle path which links Mill Green with Gypsy Lane near the golf course and avoids the nasty Ascots Lane.  Very pleased to see the hedges have been cut back properly.  At the Mill Green end, there is a hidden but very handy bridleway link from National Routes 12 and 61.  To find it, cross the lights at the cycle crossing and then over Chequers at the lights towards Mill Green.  About 3m north of the lights there is a path to the east.  This is the bridleway to Mill Green Museum.

Back in 1884, Beatrix Potter walked along this very path from Bush Hall to Mill Green to paint the mill, see  Hence our idea of a walking and cycling route from Stanborough Park to Mill Green called the Beatrix Potter Way. It would follow this route:


Are cycle lanes a waste of space?

A nice blog post pointing out that the reality in London is cycle lanes are more space efficient given so many cars are only carrying one person.


Sunday trains replaced by buses, 18.2.18 to 25.3.18 inclusive.

In case anyone is planning a Sunday ride using the trains one way.  Engineering works means there are no trains between Stevenage and Alexandra Palace on Sundays from 18.2.18 to 25.3.18.


Local transport plan response

If anyone would like a copy of the response we sent in to HCCs plans for the next five years, please email and I’ll send it to you.  We support the plan to shift to more active travel, but noted that in the past 15 years, HCC hasn’t managed to make this happen.  Given the vast reduction in HCC funds over the past few years, we support their plan for a Workplace Parking Levy to ensure they can deliver on sustainable cycling towns.  Nottingham has at WPL and it has worked.  It funds their tram and extensive cycle routes, with employers attracted into the city by the improved and safer transport.   It could turn Hertfordshire towns into “mini-Cambridges”.


No cycle ride this month

Our organising committee is smaller than it was, so we have decided to concentrate our rides to the summer months when the sun may be back.  We’ll keep you posted once the rides restart.

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