Tewin Orchard ride; what local people want and a WGC Centenary bike route (September/October news)

By | 21st September 2019

Final ride of 2019: Tewin Orchard Apple Day, Sunday 6th October 2019

Riders on a previous cycle ride
A previous WHC ride

Our final ride of the year is on Sunday 6th October 2019 when we ride from Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, to the Tewin Orchard for their Apple Day. We are promised children’s activities, guided walks around the orchard, a scavenger hunt for the kids, apples and apple juice for sale and preserves, tea, coffee and cake. The cake is particularly important as vital fuel for the ride home. It’s guilt free, we promise. More information is on our events page and the Tewin Orchard site.

What local people tell us they want

As usual we did three events this summer; the Hatfield and Welwyn Garden Healthfests and the Welwyn Village Street Market. The common threads in our conversations with local people are:

  • Parents want their kids to cycle to and from school and don’t understand why this is so hard, especially from Welwyn to Monks Walk School.
  • They want safe places to take their children to ride. Parents want safe routes into WGC, not signs on busy roads.
  • Everyone loves the printed maps of local routes. We’d love it if WHBC could update and reprint the Ayot Greenway map, so popular that we’ve run out. Stocks of other maps are running out fast. Fortunately it’s online, but online it not what we are asked for. Local maps are on our links page.
WelHatCycling sharing with the Cercle Francais at the Welwyn Village Day

Welwyn Garden City Centenary bike route

In 2020 Welwyn Garden City is 100 years old. Our Treasurer has devised a draft Centenary cycling tour of Welwyn Garden City, keeping as close as possible to the Centenary Walk route. You can see the route on our DIY ride page. If you’ve got any comments on the proposal do please let us know. For example, we’d love it to go through Stanborugh Park to Mill Green, but that’s not legally a cycle route. We’ll keep asking for a bridleway

WGC Centenary bike route

Facebook and Twitter

WelHatCycling are on both social media and so from time to time you will see us forward or post news to one or the other.  Do please join us:

Facebook:           welhatcycling

Twitter:                @WelHatCycling

If you’d like to join us for coffee and cycling chat, you’ll find us at Humphreys, Campus West every second Wednesday at 7.15pm (except August). 

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Adam Edwards is the current chair of WelHatCycling. As a parent of two what matters most to him is utility cycling: getting to school, work, the shops, etc. He is particularly keen on group rides which involve cake. With his youngest child, he's ridden all the way from Hatfield to Edinburgh on a tandem.

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